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Former hedge fund trader shares his trades.

✓ Trade setups and market view.

✓ Clear, actionable description.

✓ Holding period: couple days to weeks.

✓ Popular markets like S&P500, Nasdaq, gold, silver, crude oil or interesting single stocks.

✓ Strong track record (confirmation via email:

Make better tactical decisions.

✓ Access to market cockpits containing all the technical indicators and data you need.

✓ Compact, meaningful and regularly updated.

✓ S&P500, Nasdaq, gold, silver, crude oil, Bitcoin, dollar index and U.S. Bond 20+.

Powerful strategies ready to use.

✓ Pure quantitative strategies.

✓ All strategies were successfully used over the last couple years.

✓ Strategies enhance your trading/investing decisions.


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About me

Former hedge fund portfolio manager/trader

15 years of experience in financial markets

✓ Master of Science (MSc) in Business and Economics from the University of Basel

✓ Developed quantitative tools for an asset management